What is it about cashmere? The phrase alone has been equated with luxurious and price. For a lot of, the obtain of a cashmere garment has been some thing to be saved for. I remember the very first time I at any time bought a cashmere sweater for a boyfriend at Xmas time. I went into a local department retailer to look at prices.

I was shocked to see that the sweater I wanted to get him was $225 — and this was back again in 1988. So I scrimped and saved to make positive that the gentleman who experienced captured my heart would truly feel my arms about him every time he wore the sweater.

The final result was that he hated the sweater, we broke up and I kept it. Of course, it truly is way too big for me — the boyfriend was almost six ft tall and I’m hardly 5 foot 2 inches — but I was not heading to enable him maintain this open show of expensive affection after breaking up with me.

Quickly ahead 21 many years and cashmere these days still has that expensive price tag tag. So what you do when you want to give a person cashmere but cannot pay for $225? Easy. You give them a scarf and only have to plop down about 25 bucks.

When I was carrying out research for this write-up I identified some intriguing details. Cashmere, with its light-weight and warmth, comes from the cashmere goat. And the cashmere goat isn’t really just identified in your yard. You had to go to the Himalayas for that.

Therefore, the expense. China silk scarf manufacturers But in the 1800s, cashmere goats had been introduced to France and England and the cashmere industry opened up to the Western planet.

Whilst you could not be in the market place for a sweater, a cashmere scarf is a excellent substitute for a lavish Valentines Day gift without having shelling out hundreds of pounds. The factor which is wonderful about a Cashmere scarf is that it really is unisex. Great for males and females alike.

You may find that these cashmere scarves are available in tons of shades, even black for that man who only likes his accessories in that colour. Valentines day is just months away so appear into purchasing a cashmere scarf for the one particular you like — or enjoy — this yr.



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